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Do you like women, cannibals, or werewolves? If so, I think you will enjoy this short story, Eating the Moon, and I feel reasonably comfortable in saying that most of you like at least one of those things. I wrote this years ago for a friend’s werewolf zine, which I now can’t find online anywhere or I would link to it. It had some good stuff. I’ll keep looking.


There are monsters walking among the unsuspecting residents of a remote commune in the Wisconsin woods. Jane knows because she’s one of them. 

It’s 1970. The rest of America is talking about the moon landing and the war in Vietnam, but Jane’s more concerned with local news, like the crooked sheriff who was threatening her friends. 

He’s not a threat anymore, but Meredith, strange and silent, knows what Jane has done to him and where she goes during the full moon. She proposes an exchange of secrets that binds them closer than Jane could have imagined.

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Think of England by KJ Charles

Spies and intrigue and really hot sex in a country house in England – what’s not to like? I would have preferred a little more plot, but that probably wouldn’t stop me from buying 12 sequels if they existed, because I love the characters (particularly Da Silva) so much. Excerpt from my fave scene:

Da Silva looked, for a second, just a touch defensive, not quite as self-possessed as usual, and on the instant Curtis thought that if he wrote poetry he wouldn’t much want people making cutting remarks about it. Especially not stuff like this, which seemed to be dredged up in pieces from the bottom of the writer’s mind. He had no idea what The Fish-pond told him about Daniel da Silva but he felt, instinctively, that it contained something from under the hard exterior shell, something raw, that flinched when touched. 

I’m thinking about getting her Magpie series. Has anyone read it? Or anything else I should check out?

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small blue hippo with cherry blossoms

Those are fake cherry blossoms, and this was taken inside because she’s allergic to spring. You don’t want to see a hippo with hay fever. So cranky, holy shit man. Outside, the magnolias are blooming, but she wants nothing to do with them.

Eating the Moon


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Eating the Moon

Jane clutched her stomach and slumped against the wall outside the kitchen door. The sheriff had not agreed with her. Big meals on the last day of the full moon were always a bad idea.

Now the moon was waning again, floating high over the dripping trees in their dark corner of the Wisconsin woods. The sound of a footfall on damp pine needles pulled Jane’s attention back to Earth. Meredith stood halfway between Jane and the outhouse, hair and face lit orange by the flicker of a hurricane lamp.

“Hello,” Meredith said. It was the first word she’d spoken to Jane or, as far as Jane knew, to anyone else at the commune. Her voice was low and sweet.

“Hi,” Jane replied.

“It’s raining.”

“Not that much.”

“You shouldn’t stand out in the rain.”

Meredith came to stand beside her, and the rain fell on both of them. She looked like the ghost of a cheerleader, wide blue eyes and breasts stretching out her T-shirt and flowing golden hair, but so pale. She smelled good. Not like perfume. Like skin and muscle and salty blood.

“You were looking at the moon,” Meredith said.

“You think there were really people up there?” The moon landing had been last July. It was January now, and Jane still hadn’t seen so much as a picture. She was avoiding it, maybe. It seemed wrong that this force that ruled her life could be just a lump of rock for some man to stick a flag in. Continue reading

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I like the moon font…and at the moment that’s all I like. Excuse me, I need to go and twitch everything fruitlessly two pixels to the right and then immediately move it back again.

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