new book – Love Under Fire

Hi guys! I’ve got a new book out: Love Under Fire, a collection of three gay romance novelettes, two of which contain chess, two of which contain firefights, and all three of which contain explicit adult content.

After the Dust is the story that was published in the Silver & Gold age difference anthology (links to buy this here). Sleeping was previously published in Shousetsu Bang Bang, and some of you guys have asked if I was going to put it out in ebook form – well, I am, and I have, and here you go. :)


LOVE UNDER FIRE [purchase links]

After the Dust
Zev is an aging Navy SEAL who’s fought for his country on three continents. Julian is an unemployed ex-prostitute with massive student debt and a chess obsession who plans to be president someday.

Ex-con Rey Vales gets cut up by a would-be mugger. The free clinic is open late and Dr. Lovely is even more lovely than his name suggests. It’s a pity his temperament doesn’t match his outward appearance.

In Case of Emergency
Kev Liang waits tables and occasionally deals coke at a trendy midtown restaurant. When a gunman breaks into the kitchen, he’s surprised to find that his mild-mannered favorite customer (and secret crush) has some serious underworld connections.

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june 2015


To put off writing today, I finally cleaned spider guts off the book I used to kill a spider two weeks ago. So, procrastination, but at least I have my book back. For a while I thought I might just leave it there. That’s a legit life choice when spider guts are involved, right?

In other news, I made an Amazon author page where you can see two pictures of me, one of which I’ve been told looks like a picture of a goth paint smudge (I’ll let you guess which one that is):



Autobiography of a Flea 
by Stanilas de Rhodes

I don’t know that this is a recommendation, but if you have ever wanted to read Victorian erotica written from the point of view of a flea…this is the book for you! It’s here mostly because: (a) It was hilarious, although I admit I haven’t read the whole thing, and (b) I am so amazed and pleased that it even exists. Apparently, there was even a sequel…

links of the month

heloise (and pavlov) in june


Except for The Little Stranger and 30 Days in Lithuania…this is all Nero Wolfe books. I didn’t realize I’d read so many this past month, but I don’t regret it. The Little Stranger is the one I’d recommend though. Just don’t read it right before you go to sleep.

Wine bottle vectors from, a v useful site. 

Eating the Moon


[purchase links]

Eating the Moon

Jane clutched her stomach and slumped against the wall outside the kitchen door. The sheriff had not agreed with her. Big meals on the last day of the full moon were always a bad idea.

Now the moon was waning again, floating high over the dripping trees in their dark corner of the Wisconsin woods. The sound of a footfall on damp pine needles pulled Jane’s attention back to Earth. Meredith stood halfway between Jane and the outhouse, hair and face lit orange by the flicker of a hurricane lamp.

“Hello,” Meredith said. It was the first word she’d spoken to Jane or, as far as Jane knew, to anyone else at the commune. Her voice was low and sweet.

“Hi,” Jane replied.

“It’s raining.”

“Not that much.”

“You shouldn’t stand out in the rain.”

Meredith came to stand beside her, and the rain fell on both of them. She looked like the ghost of a cheerleader, wide blue eyes and breasts stretching out her T-shirt and flowing golden hair, but so pale. She smelled good. Not like perfume. Like skin and muscle and salty blood.

“You were looking at the moon,” Meredith said.

“You think there were really people up there?” The moon landing had been last July. It was January now, and Jane still hadn’t seen so much as a picture. She was avoiding it, maybe. It seemed wrong that this force that ruled her life could be just a lump of rock for some man to stick a flag in. Continue reading

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I like the moon font…and at the moment that’s all I like. Excuse me, I need to go and twitch everything fruitlessly two pixels to the right and then immediately move it back again.

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