About Me


My name is Eleanor Kos. (Eli for short, pronounced Ellie but spelled for maximum confusion because that’s how I roll.) I’ve been writing since about 1999 and publishing since 2015 (with the exception of one article about lizards and gun control that I got published in the local newspaper when I was in high school).

Here’s what I’ve written.

These are the books I’ve got out so far.

I’ve also written a fair amount for Shousetsu Bang Bang under the name Dr. Noh.

A lot of it is romance. Some of it is horror. Some of it is both at the same time — the romance of horror and the various horrors of love.

If you’re looking for a place to start, you could try Songs You Know by Heart.

I’m also here:

Come talk to me if you want. I like cooking, archery, carnivorous plants, the TV show Hannibal, and Gothic romance. The last two items on that list are definitely related.

I have a monthly newsletter.

I talk a bit about my writing in it, recommend other people’s books, and give you the oddest links I’ve found that month. Also includes occasional giveaways and free stories.

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Thanks for reading & have a good day.