september 2015 – singing in the wilderness


Hey y’all, the third book is out! Description and links to various and sundry bookstores are below.

I also wrote a short story set after the end of the third book called From Dregs to Wine, which you can get by signing up for my newsletter, but I strongly recommend reading Singing in the Wilderness before you read that one or you will be spoiled and probably also quite confused.

road leading into the dark


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David’s taste for  rough sex has landed him in trouble before, but never like this. Until recently, capital-R Relationships were things that happened to other people, and he liked it that way. Now he’s living with his new boyfriend–or at least he was, until Jazz left to tour with his band. Suddenly, David’s finding it hard to sleep alone and wondering what he’ll do if Jazz doesn’t come back.

Added to that is his slow fall into real submission for the first time in his life. Jazz is more willing to push him over the phone but, despite David’s promises, they still haven’t had that little chat about limits and safewords. Jazz is afraid of going too far, and David’s afraid he won’t go far enough.


Melusine by Sarah Monette
Mélusine, a city of secrets and lies, pleasure and pain, magic and corruption. It is here that wizard Felix Harrowgate and cat-burglar Mildmay the Fox will find their destinies intertwined in a world of sensuality and savagery.

This appears, bafflingly, to be out of print?? I feel like I must be missing something because I can’t imagine that. I actually went looking for it in the first place to see if there was an ebook, and there isn’t. You can probably get it used cheaper on Alibris than Amazon, but either way, it will be worth your time, trust me.

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heloise in september

Here are Heloise and Pavlov examining my August book list. I am also on Goodreads if you want this list in a more legible form without Pavlov’s butt blocking your view.

review copies

If you want a review copy of any of my books (i.e. I send it to you for free in exchange for an honest review on Amazon or wherever you usually review books), you can contact me here. Thanks!